Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Roper, J., Doerfler, DL., Kravitz, L. Dufek, J, Harding, EM, Dexter, JG, Mermier, CM. The Effects of Gait Retraining in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain: A randomized trial.  Clinical Biomechanics. 35 (2016) 14–22.
  • Wilmerding M.V., Gurney, A.B., Torres V. The Effect of Positive Heel Inclination on Posture in Young Children Training in Flamenco Dance. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science 7(3):85-90, 2003.
  • Provost B, Dieruf K, Burtner PA, Phillips JP, Bernitsky-Beddingfield A, Sullivan KJ, Bowen CA, Toser L. Endurance and Gait in Children with Cerebral Palsy Following Intensive Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training. Pediatric Physical Therapy 2007;19(1):2-10
  • Dieruf K, Burtner PA, Provost B, Phillips JA, Bernitsky-Beddingfield A, Sullivan KJ. Quality of Life in Children with Cerebral Palsy following Intensive Body-Weight Supported Treadmill Training. Pediatric Physical Therapy 2009;21:45–52.

Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations

  • Gurney, A.B., The effect of positive heel inclination on the pelvic-lumbar posture of young flamenco dancers. Annual Meeting of the International Association of Dance in Medicine and Science, New York, New York, October 26th, 2002.
  • Barkocy, M., Dexter, J., Martinez, K. Kinematic Gait Changes Following Serial Casting and Bracing in a Child with Autism who Exhibits Toe Walking – A Chart Review. Poster presentation at the Southwest Conference on Development and Disability, 2012 and presentation at APTA Combined Sections Meeting, February 2015.
  • Kathy Dieruf, PT, PhD, NCS; Jerimiah MacDonald SPT; Luke Myers SPT. The Effect of the GivMohr Sling on Gait Parameters Post Stroke. Poster 2214, Neurology: Stroke SIG

In Review

  • Roper, J., Doerfler, D., Kravitz, L. Dufek, J, Mermier, C.  Gait Retraining From Rearfoot Strike to Forefoot Strike Does Not Change Running Economy. Submitted August, 2016 to International Journal of Sports Medicine.
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