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UNM Center for Gait and Motion Analysis

Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory (GMAL lab) is located in Health Service Science Building is the only full-equipped gait analysis laboratory at University of New Mexico designed to facilitate research activities in rehabilitation sciences, especially physical therapy related science, and biomechanics. Since opened in 2012, the 1,038-square foot facility is the only full-equipped motion analysis laboratory in New Mexico. This facility serves to promote multi-disciplinary scholarly activities at Health Science Center at University of New Mexico in order to provide high-quality healthcare to our community.

Since APTA’s House of Delegates adopted a new vision statement of the physical therapy profession in 2013, skills of recognition and validation of the movement system have been emphasized to improve the human experience thorough our physical therapy practices. Base on this vison, the GMAL lab will promote varied research activities as well as learning experiences for physical therapy-related sciences.   

Students and faculty who utilize the Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory at the Division of Physical Therapy in Department of Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation must adhere to the procedures of the Laboratory Policy in order to maintain a safe and effective working environment.

Our facility is also available for collaboration with researchers who want to quantify measures of movement to validate interventions, predict outcomes, or better understand the biomechanics of movement.

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