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Our responsibility is to provide assistance for researchers to develop and manage their clincial research projects for physical therapy, orthopedic, and rehabilitation science.

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Graduate Students                                            Research Engineers

Elva Chavez, SPT

I am a 3rd year DPT student. My role in the Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory (GMAL) was to assist Dr. Marybeth Barkocy with her research study, which was looking at the effectiveness of casting and orthoses on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who toe walk. I analyzed several gait patterns through the Vicon Polygon Software, which helped me identify and collect data of specific phases of the subject’s gait as well as recognize differences between pre and post interventions. I worked closely with Dr. Jodi Schilz as well, who guided me through the process of using Vicon. I am very thankful for this experience as it has allowed me to enhance and strengthen my knowledge of the biomechanics of gait, as well as continue to reinforce my passion for the field of pediatrics.

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Kelsey Edward, SPT

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy student with the opportunity to complete my capstone with Dr. Yuri Yoshida. I currently assist in data analysis for the FEARS study as I work towards completing my research based capstone. Working in the lab has allowed me to improve my skills in biomechanics, gait analysis, and research. As I move closer to becoming a full time clinician I am grateful for this opportunity to work in an intraprofessional setting and enhance my skills to work towards helping patients.

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Jason Reagor

Research Assistants and Volunteers

Luke Chavez, SPT

Anthony Casazza, SPT

Paige Goodwin, SPT

Nicholas Blonski, SPT

Francesca Picchi-Wilson, SPT

Some projects have been supported by research staff members and varied services at the CTSC.


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