Faculty & Staff


Yuri Yoshida, PT, PhD
Director of the Fred Rutan
Motion Analysis Laboratory


Jodi Schilz, PhD
Assistant Professor

Graduate Students                                            Research Engineers

Tyler Killinger, LAT, ATC

I am a Masters of Health, Exercise & Sports Science student with the opportunity to fulfill my exercise science internship with Dr. Yuri Yoshida. My current role is to assist Dr. Yuri Yoshida in data collection and analysis. I will also be performing my own research in the lab as I work towards the completion of my Master’s Thesis. While I am a Masters of Exercise Science student I am also an Athletic Trainer currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the University of New Mexico's Athletic Training Education Program. Working in the lab has allowed me to enhance my skills of biomechanics, posture and gait analysis, and research. As I grow as a young professional I am grateful for the opportunity to work in this intraprofessional environment.

Chris Brenden

Student at the Chemical and Biological Engineering
I'm one of the newest members of the GMAL, and my role on the research team is as the lab's engineering assistant. I'll be focusing on data processing, calibration of the lab's data acquisition systems, and other fundamental research responsibilities as a computer engineer. I haven't been with GMAL for too long, but I've already got to experience some lab work in an applied clinical setting, and start to make connections with people who share similar interests with me. I look forward to building on my experience and network with GMAL, and apply my work towards helping patients!

Lauren Faber

Student at the School of Medicine
I am a medical student conducting research with the lab. My work in the lab has primarily been on a systematic review. I have learned how to conduct a review, how to critically analyze research, compile data, and work on abstracts and manuscripts.

David Otazu
Nathaniel Fox

Research Assistants and Volunteers

Miriam Swisher, BS

Diedre Jay, SPT

Selena Watchman, SPT

Jillian Martinez, OTS

Some projects have been supported by research staff members and varied services at the CTSC.

Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

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