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Prerequisite Online Course Available

Clinical Exercise Physiology offered by the UNM PT Program

PT 351 Clinical Exercise in Physical Therapy/ CRN # 17851 / 3 credit hours

This course addresses the principles of the physiology of the human body during exercise with emphasis on the cardiopulmonary and neuromuscular systems. In addition, this course addresses an overview of selected pathological conditions of these systems relevant to the practice of physical therapy. This online course will count toward the prerequisite needed for an Exercise Physiology 300-level course.

Prerequisite: By permission of the instructor, Dr. Burke Gurney. Phone (505) 272-6850 or email bgurney@salud.unm.edu

Below are some additional options which previous students have found to complete this requirement. 

This information may change at any time.  You will have to check with each institution about enrollment procedures.

The US Sports Academy    SAR 520 Exercise Physiology  NOTE: We will not accept CER 520. It is a continuing education course and inappropriate for prerequisite consideration.

UNC Chapel Hill Friday Center For Continuing Education     EXS 3321: Exercise Physiology (Self-Paced Course)

UCLA     PHYSCI X450 from UCLA's Extension courses (This course is on the quarter system and one class alone may not meet the credit hour requirements). 

NC State University     HESM 478-601 Exercise Physiology and Sports Science