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Fostering Global Health, a Student Perspective

Yleana & Dr. Barkocy

Travelling out of the country is way out of the comfort zone of this small town Northern New Mexican girl. Travelling out of the country for the first time with my school program to present physical therapy evidence to 30 Russian health professionals, all without my mom, is light years out of this girl’s comfort zone!

When I first heard about the international trips that students have the opportunity to take, I was so interested, but knew that I would probably never work up the courage to actually take part in them. However, when I heard about the Russia trip from Dr. Barkocy, I thought that might be something I could step out of my comfort zone for, so I did. I committed before I had the chance to second guess my decision, and it truly was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

treatment     Collaboration Team

While in Russia, we visited Red Square, ate the traditional Borsht stew, presented PT evidence-based practices to extremely dedicated individuals and treated some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! In Russia, where the standard of care for children with Cerebral Palsy is massage and salt rooms, we met so many passionate people eager to learn from Dr. Barkocy. Their willingness to learn enables them to provide the most effective treatment to their patients. It was amazing to witness all of this and learn from them as well.


Although the week was jam packed with information for them, from my presentation on upper extremity interventions, to Dr. Barkocy’s lecture on gait observation, they were so excited for what the week had in store for them. It was inspiring to see people so passionate about what they do and about the children they treat. As a student, this trip helped me grow by allowing me to stand in front of others and present what I know. It taught me so many things about being a compassionate provider, how to collaborate outside of my small SPT circle, and so much about pediatric physical therapy.

Treatment     Treatment

Dr. Barkocy always says to “make a difference in your corner of the world”, but this trip allowed me to feel like I can make a difference in other corners too.
Yleana Lucero, SPT
UNM DPT Class of 2020
UNM HSSC PT Representative


Another Successful Collaboration In Russia

Dr Barkocy enjoying a Moscow Fall     Naked Heart Foundation

In October, Dr. Barkocy traveled to Moscow, Russia with an invitation to speak at the International “Every Child Deserves a Family” Forum.

Highlighting the science of brain neuroplasticity and the critical need for early intervention during the first year to two of life, Dr. Barkocy emphasized evidence-based early interventions for children with neuromotor impairments. Her Tula colleagues also presented on the Naked Heart Foundation Tula project results from approximately 60 children whom have received family centered, evidence based rehabilitation with progress measured from objective outcome measure tools.

Moscow      Dr Barkocy

Highlights of the trip included getting to bring her husband for the first time, beautiful weather with leaves golden and red (very unusual because Russia is usually too cold for fall colors), and an invitation to the English Embassy where she got to meet the supermodel, Natalia Vodianova, who started the children’s Naked Heart Foundation under which the Tula project is funded, as well as the English ambassador himself and his wife.

It was a whirlwind 5 days in the midst of her semester of teaching pediatrics, but so worthwhile to bring back the stories and experiences from her trip and project. Yleana Lucero will be joining her in the spring for her capstone project to travel to Tula, Russia to teach the medical group about evidence-based interventions for upper extremity function.