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Motion Analysis

Human movement analysis has been an investigative and diagnostic tool to analyze postural control, gait patterns and sports performance. The GMAL lab is equipped with a ten-camera Vicon Motion Capture System with Vicon Nexus software (Vicon Motion Systems Ltd) as well as two HD cameras (Vicon Bonita), three AMTI force platforms (AMTI, Inc.), which provide comprehensive biomechanical variables such as joint angle and forces during movements.vicon


All human movements are resulted from muscle activations with countering the external forces. Electromyography (EMG) sensors can measure small electrical signals generated from a muscle. The GMAL lab includes a 16-channels EMG system (14 surface sensors and 2 fine wire sensors: Trigno® Delsys, Inc.) allow to identify neuromuscular activities during movements.

Pressure Mapping

Distribution pressures and movements of the center of gravity plays important role in controlling posture and balance ability. MatScanTM can measure foot pressures related to body weight to identify postural controls (Tekscan, Inc.). A similar device, F-scan SystemTM, can allow the researcher to capture pressure distribution, force and timing information of a foot during static or dynamic movements, even in a remote environment.vicon

Isokinetic Dynamometer

Quantified musculoskeletal force outputs are important for diagnosis or other clinical decisions. An isokinetic dynamometer can provide information of applied force related to the joint range of motion. The GMAL lab has the Biodex System 3 (Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. Shirley NY) to assess muscle force/power outputs with a collaboration of the Department of Exercise and Science.vicon

Clinical Gait Analysis

Some people needs to be assessed their gait patterns out of the GMAL. The GaitRite System, which has a long pressure mats (0.9x7m) with pressure sensors to capture temporal and spatial variables during gait (GAIT4Dog Corp, Franklin NJ). With four digital cameras , the researchers can perform basic clinical gait analysis outside of the GMAL.vicon

Computational Modeling

The results captured by lab equipment should be used of computational modeling to analyze human movements. The lab install Vicon Polygon software, Visual 3D (C-motion, Inc. Germantown MD), EMGworks®, and programing softwares (e.g. Matlab, Labview and Microsoft office products).vicon

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