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The GMAL provides open opportunities for students, researchers and clinicians to interact and study about current topics related orthopedic and sports field.

This is also a forum to review and discuss relevant published articles.

Members and attendance will meet every first week of Friday at noon (HSSB Room205). A few manuscripts will be informed by an email to the registered journal club members as well as current DPT students and faculty members. It will be encouraged to make a reservation to the coordinator by 2pm of the day before the journal club. 

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9/15th ACL in youth

10/6 Taping and Modalities

11/3 Running Injuries

12/1 Sports

Student Teams with UNM Physical Therapy for National Competition

Rusty Ludwigson, a freshman at Early College Academy, once again conducted research through the STEM-H program to study “Passive Reduction of Involuntary Arm and Hand Tremors” using a brace he fabricated from a 3D printer.  In this third year of his research (2016), he teamed up with the Fred Rutan Gait and Motion Analysis Lab at the UNM Health Sciences Center to utilize surface EMG for data collection. 


Here is an interview with this blossoming scientist:

Q:  What did you learn from this project?

A:  “Going through the IRB process was intense!  Working with subjects in a research lab with professionals was a great experience.”


Q:  What did you like about working in the gait and motion lab?

A:  “The motion lab was great because of ability to quantify data and work with qualified staff members.”

team 2


Q:  What were the results of this study?

A:  “The brace was effective at reducing tremor magnitude, tremor frequency (best was for frequencies of 5-7 Hz), and muscular activity (particularly in the biceps) in people with involuntary arm and hand tremors.”


Congratulations to Rusty for his many wins!

At Regionals at UNM in March, Rusty swept the entire science fair: 

  • First place in the Senior Division (HS) in the paper competition
  • First place in the research challenge Senior Medicine and Health category
  • He won overall and is being sent to the ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) to compete with his research

Rusty Poster

 Stay tuned for more results of more competitions ahead! 

  • In mid April, he will fly to Dayton, OH, where he will be judged on a 20 page research paper in conjunction with a 12 min. power point presentation
  • International Science Fair will be in Phoenix in mid-May
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