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Journal Club

The GMAL provides open opportunities for students, researchers and clinicians to interact and study about current topics related orthopedic and sports field. This is also a forum to review and discuss relevant published articles. Members and attendance will meet every first week of Friday at noon (HSSB Room 205). A few manuscripts will be informed by an email to the registered journal club members as well as current DPT students and faculty members. It will be encouraged to make a reservation to the coordinator by 2pm of the day before the journal club. An assigned moderator will facilitate direct group discussions. Please contact Dr. Yoshida with any questions.


GMAL tutorial

The GMAL also provides an open opportunities to provide an introductory session for motion analysis. This tutorial is designed to provide basic understanding the methods to capture and analyze human movements, particularly gait with using the GMAL equipment. This program is beneficial for individuals who are interested in developing their career in not only biomechanical research environments but also hospitals/clinics in-housed clinical gait analysis system. This is a biweekly activity, which the invitation will be sent to the attendees one week prior to the session.

Independent Study (3 credits)

Any graduate students who want to obtain the skills for motion analysis with using our equipment can participate in an independent project with mentored by one of GMAL directors. For more detail information, please contact Dr. Yoshida.

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