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Sue Queen, PT, PhD


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Queen made extremely valuable, positive contributions to the Division of Physical Therapy as a faculty member during her almost 9 years with the program. She served as program director for 6 years from January, 2005 through December, 2010. During that time she effectively led the faculty in extensive curriculum development of the new entry level clinical doctorate educational degree (DPT), which was successfully instituted in Fall, 2009. Dr. Queen also expanded the program’s research agenda by facilitating faculty participation in clinical research, submission of private and publically funded grants, and dissemination of her research results in peer reviewed manuscripts.  She also improved the Division's financial stability, acquired an additional teaching lab-classroom and expanded the number of faculty positions from 7 to 10 between 2005 and 2011.

Her contributions to the educational program included to build pharmacology content to meet the then new CAPTE requirements, as well as to teach aspects of neuroscience, pathophysiology and later gerontology. She was awarded both an Apple for the Teacher Award and the Educational Leadership Award. She encouraged student involvement in NMAPTA by mentoring the students in NMAPTA events such as legislative day and their attendance at the annual spring and fall meetings.  She has also served as the faculty contact to the APTA’s student assembly from 2011-2013. 

Dr. Queen held a secondary appointment in the Department of Neurosciences throughout her time with the Division of Physical Therapy and actively conducted laboratory research. Her accomplishments in basic science research centered on the effect of injury on rat spinal cord neurotransmission. In 2010 she established a new collaboration within the Department of Neurosciences on chronic pain syndrome, which has continued into her retirement. Interestingly, one aspect of spinal cord neurotransmission appears to undergo similar changes in response to injury, chronic pain, and aging. She was awarded an NIH grant in 2006 which funded aspects of her research in spinal cord, and a UNM SOM research grant in 2009, which funded an aspect of her spinal cord injury studies.

Dr. Queen strove to demonstrate her commitment to the students, faculty, the Division and the PT profession through her leadership and programmatic contributions. She retired August 1, 2013 and has thoroughly embraced retirement since that time.