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Fred Carey, PT, PhD


Associate Professor Emeritus

Fred Carey, PT, PhD retired from the UNM PT program in the fall of 2017. A 1994 graduate of the UNM PT program, Dr. Carey became a part-time faculty member at UNM from 2003-2009, teaching Neuroanatomy to PT, OT, and SLP students. In 2009, he joined the Division of Physical Therapy as a full-time clinical faculty member, teaching courses in all three years of the DPT curriculum: Neuroanatomy, Gross Anatomy, Acute Care and Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. In addition, he continued to practice as an acute care physical therapist at UNMH.

Fred now lives in Mesa, AZ. He continues to teach Gross Anatomy as an adjunct faculty member at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Scottsdale and works as an acute care physical therapist in the Banner Health system in the greater Phoenix area.

Dr. Carey can be reached at fcarey@unm.edu