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Yuri Yoshida, PT, PhD


Director of the Fred Rutan
Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory

Yuri Yoshida, PT, PhD, completed her doctoral degree from the University of Delaware in Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics, and continued her postdoctoral training in motion analysis at the University of Utah. She has extensive experience in motion analysis systems, specifically the Vicon system, which is used at UNM. Dr. Yoshida's work has provided the medical and scientific communities with a deeper empirical understanding of biomechanics and muscle physiology regarding functional recovery after total knee arthroplasty (TKA).  Dr. Yoshida biomechanically examined TKA physical therapy paradigms, her hypothesis focused specifically on the role of the quadriceps in functional recovery patterns. Dr. Yoshida found that, within the first year of recovery from the TKA procedure, patients demonstrated compensatory gait patterns by using hip extensor moments. In doing so, the patients decreased their use of the quadriceps muscle, inhibiting its recovery. Furthermore, Dr. Yoshida reported that these compensatory movement patterns might be related to a high risk for secondary osteoarthritis. Delving deeper into the impaired quadriceps function after TKA, Dr. Yoshida investigated how muscle physiology contributed to the abnormal gait patterns. Through the use of electromyography, she found that the abnormal muscle activities for both quadriceps and hamstrings were related to persistent quadriceps weakness.

Her original contributions to the scientific and clinical literature, in particular her research on TKA, have culminated in various publications in selective journals as well as invitations to speak before national and international audiences of her peers. The pronounced impact of her work is evidenced by citation and discussion of her research by others. For example, her first-authored article "Examining Outcomes from Total Knee Arthroplasty and the Relationship between Quadriceps Strength and Knee Function Over Time," (Clinical Biomechanics, March, 2008) has been cited more than one hundred fifty times by researchers around the world since its publication, and became one of the Top 3 cited biomechanics articles in 2011-2013. Her other publication "Association Between Long-term Quadriceps Weakness and Early Walking Muscle Co-contraction after Total Knee Arthroplasty," (Knee, December, 2013) was also ranked as one of Top 20 cited articles reported by BioMed Lib LLC in 2015.

Dr. Yoshida is currently working on a new project for "Locomotive Syndrome" that is a new diagnostic concept for early functional deterioration in elderly individuals related to musculoskeletal impairments. She started this project at the University of Delaware since this winter, and will continue to work on it at the University of New Mexico.

Contact Yuri at  yyoshida@salud.unm.edu