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It is highly recommended that students interested in the UNM Physical Therapy Program attend a formal group advisement session to obtain the latest information about our program. These hour-long advisement sessions are usually held once or twice a month from March through September to provide an opportunity for students to gather important information, to meet a PT Program addmissions professional, and to have their specific questions answered.

Please register for these advisements sessions by emailing HSC-UNMPTProgram@salud.unm.edu

Any additional questions can be answered by our Director of Admissions, Dr. Jodi Schilz at jschilz@salud.unm.edu or (505) 925-4218.

Group Advisement Sessions for 2019


Day and Time

March 27 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
April 19 Friday, 12:00 PM
May 10 Friday, 12:00 PM
June 5 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
June 19 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
July 10 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
July 17 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
August 28 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
September 13 Friday, 12:00 PM
September 25 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
November 13

Wednesday, 5:00 PM

Sessions are held in the Domenici Center North Wing, the program will contact you via email to provide details and directions. In special circumstances, individual sessions for those coming from out of town may be arranged by contacting us. Here is a slideshow of the advisement presentation.

Paid parking is available in the NorthEast corner of M-Lot, near the intersection of Tucker Ave and Stanford Drive.

For general information regarding physical therapy as a profession, and about other PT schools, visit the American Physical Therapy Association web site  or visit the PTCAS web site.