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Division of Physical Therapy
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1 University of New Mexico
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REACH Physical Therapy Clinic

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Watch "A day in the life of a PT student"

Class of 2021

Class of 2019 supporting "Choose PT over Opioids for Pain Control" national campaign

Data collection in the motion analysis lab

Class of 2020

Sensory Gym Field Trip

Class of 2019

Adaptive Sports Day

Skiing the ridge in Taos

Sandia Peak Ski Area, 30 minutes outside of the city

Class of 2019 get their scrubs

The 2019 PT Advisory Groups Winter Olympics

 The Web Challenge  Trough Golf Ball Challenge  Web Challenge  

The PT Students recently teamed up with their appointed Faculty advisers and participated in our own 2019 Winter Olympic Games.

Events included a PVC trough golf ball relay, a Tarp Shrink Challenge, an Egg & Spoon Relay, a Knee Valgus Tennis Ball Relay, a team Web challenge, and more!

See more pictures of the events here.

Service Learning in Ethiopia

The University of New Mexico Physical Therapy program - and the UNM PT students - have long made a commitment to service learning, both in the U.S. and abroad. This spring, five DPT students accompanied PT Division Chief, Dr. Burke Gurney to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to provide skilled physical therapy treatment for those in need. Read more about it.


Guatemala Service Learning Study Abroad Trip
This summer, nine PT students participated in the PT Program's Service Learning Study Abroad Trip to Guatemala. SPT Deidre Jay shares details her experiences in Antigua here.