Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Structure

Fellows learn to treat common sports-related illnesses and medical conditions for use in their practice as a sports orthopaedic surgeon. They are provided a unique experience to observe and participate in the management and care of a Division I athletic team. They also work within the athletic training room system which fosters a trusting relationship between athletic training/physical therapy staff and primary care sports medicine physicians.

Fellows learn sports medicine practice plus athlete-and-coach interactions by working with athletic trainers in the UNM Athletic Department. Inpatient responsibilities include participating in the workup and care of inpatients with traumatic injuries involving fractures or dislocations sustained during sporting events. They are also exposed to traumatic injuries of sports medicine interest (e.g., knee dislocations, shoulder/ankle injuries involving fracture dislocations). Outpatient surgery is done in a state-of-the-art, University outpatient surgical center within walking distance from the main hospital. There are also opportunities to treat adolescent sports injuries at the nearby Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital.

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