What to expect when you visit the Motion Analysis Lab

Once your appointment is made you will come to the motion analysis lab in the Health Sciences and Services Building (HSSB) Rm 168, where you will meet the primary investigator or motion analysis research staff.  Map to our location.

gait team

What To Wear & The Physical Exam
Generally, we ask you to wear exercise clothes (spandex or elastic waist band) plus a sports bra for women. This makes it is easier to take measurements of different body segments and to test your strength and flexibility. Each research project has slightly different requirements based on the testing protocol, therefore, please follow the explicit details for dress code with the primary investigator for the study that you are participating in. 

gait exam

Motion Analysis Testing
Once we have applied the reflective markers, you will be requested to stand still with a device applied around your knee joint for a quick static capture to occur that helps us calculate the center of your knee. Once we calibrate your static capture, you will be asked to walk or run, depending on the study, back and forth across a stage until sufficient data is captured. While you are walking, our equipment will collect information on how your body moves plus note the forces acting on and within your body. We take pictures and shoot film during this process for further analysis.

If necessary, pressure mapping of your feet soles will be also performed by having you walk across a pressure mat several times. Once sufficient data is collected, all reflective markers will be removed from your body to complete your visit. 

Your data will then be analyzed, and you will be contacted by your physician to review your results if you are a clinical patient. NOTE: Research volunteers will be informed about use of their data during the consent process. Feel free to watch videos (coming soon) of actual motion analysis testing.

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