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Gait and motion analysis testing procedures are conducted at the UNM Center for Gait and Motion Analysis, located in Rm 168 of the UNM Health Sciences and Services Building.  The lab features a 60’x20’ space for video capture. High resolution video is obtained through the use of 2 Vicon Bonita 720c cameras while digital image capture is achieved through the use of 10 Vicon MX T-120 infrared cameras (Vicon: Oxford, UK). These cameras have the capacity to record motion data at anywhere from 100-1000 frames/sec. In addition to motion capture, the lab can record electrical activity in up to 16 muscles using a Delsys Trigno wireless EMG system (Delsys, inc.: Boston, MA).

Ground reaction forces are measured with the use of three AMTI OR-6 force plates (AMTI: Waterton, MA). This measurement yields information about the stresses that are endured by all weight-bearing joints of the lower extremities while walking. Barefoot and in-shoe foot pressure mapping can also be recorded using the lab’s Tekscan HR Mat and F-Scan systems, respectively (Tekscan Boston MA). All motion, force, and EMG data are recorded and analyzed using the Vicon Nexus acquisition software v. 2.0 (Vicon: Oxford, UK).  A portable GAITRite system is also available when subjects cannot travel to the Motion Analysis Lab.


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