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Division of Physical Therapy
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MSC 09-5230
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m submitting my application through PTCAS and it says I need to also submit the residency form – I’m not from New Mexico, do I need to submit this form? 

    This form is only required for New Mexico residents.   

    New Mexico applicants must complete and submit the following residency information form by October 3rd.

    Submit this completed
    residency information form and supporting documentation on PTCAS.
  • Does it matter what my degree is in? No, but a 4 year bachelor’s degree is required. Your degree must be completed by May 2018.

  • Does it matter what school I attended for my degree? No, it does not

  • Do I need to major in a specific area to apply to the DPT Program? No, any major is accepted as long as you have met the requirements for the program.

  • What is a competitive GPA for my science prerequisites? A GPA of 3.5 or above is competitive. The average overall GPA for the class of 2019 was 3.54, with a GPA of 3.69 on program prerequisites.

  • What is a competitive GRE score? The average scores for the Class of 2019 were Verbal: 154 (59th percentile);  Quantitative: 152 (47th percentile);  and Written: 4.2 - For more information on the GRE and for GRE Prep courses, click here. The GRE testing must be completed by November 30th.

  • Do I send my GRE score to UNM? Submit your official GRE scores to code #7670 for the Physical Therapy Program at University of New Mexico. GRE scores for code #7670 will automatically be sent to PTCAS. Do NOT send your GRE scores to the main university or graduate admissions. The GRE testing must be completed by November 30th.

  • If I repeat my GRE what scores do you use? We will utilize the highest individual score from each section, independent of the test. The GRE must be completed by November 30th.

  • What if I am taking a prerequisite class now? How do you get my grades? We get grades from PTCAS to calculate your GPA. When you submit your original application, you will list any classes that you are registered for in the fall. In December, once you have completed an academic update with these final grades, PTCAS will automatically populate the grades from the prerequisite classes that we have selected. YOU MUST SUBMIT A FINAL TRANSCRIPT TO PTCAS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AT THE COMPLETION OF YOUR PREREQUISITE COURSEWORK. 

  • How many hours should I spend observing in a PT clinic? The PT program requires a minimum 45 hours of observation, with at least 15 hours in 3 of the 4 types of practice settings: Inpatient, Outpatient, Long-Term Care and Pediatrics in School Systems. Most applicants have a minimum of 200 volunteer hours when they apply to the program. The program recommends that you get as much exposure to the PT profession (whether from volunteer or work opportunities) as you can via a variety of experiences in different areas of PT, so that you can positively answer the question “Is PT the profession for me?” 

  • Do I have to have all the prerequisites complete before I can apply to the program? No, our policy is that all prerequisites must be completed by the Decmeber of the application year. Your baccalaureate degree must be awarded by the Spring semester after the application is submitted. 

  • What if my school does not use a + or – in the GPA calculation? PTCAS and the DPT Program do not use the + or – for GPA calculations.

  • Do I need to send my transcript to you or can it be sent from my school? We are able to access your official grades and transcripts on PTCAS. 

  • Do I need to perform an acedimc update in PTCAS?  If you have outstanding coursework, have incomplete prerequisites or are still taking any additional classes that will go into your overall GPA, you MUST complete an academic update in December. 

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