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Service Learning Clinic Reaches Milestone

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This January marked the one-year anniversary of our Physical Therapy Service Learning Clinic.  Initially seeing patients with orthopedic conditions, we have now expanded to offer services to patients with neurological and pediatric/developmental conditions.  Our current home is Casa de Salud (adults) and ExplorAbilities (pediatrics) on Thursday evenings.

This clinic has provided care for patients when their insurance coverage runs out, and for patients without insurance, both of whom would otherwise not have had access to the care they need.​  It has also allowed people to get started on a home program while on long wait lists for services elsewhere.  Additionally, it has provided hands on experience for our students to integrate their didactic learning with meaningful patient care. 

We are incredibly grateful to our local clinicians and healthcare providers for their support of this program – both in referrals and for access to our current venues!  We look forward to continuing to provide this service to our community for many years to come!

If you or someone you know might benefit from this service, please contact Victoria at 505-272-5479 for more information.  You may also refer to our flyer for information about eligibility. 


Dr. Ron Andrews was invited to review the Physical Therapy Program at Jazan University in Saudi Arabia. It was a very enriching experience and rewarding to see our profession being crafted and promoted at such a high level! See here for more details!

student experience

The Albuquerque Opportunity Center is an emergency shelter for homeless men that offers a student run interdisciplinary health clinic to serve the healthcare needs of its residents.

Physical Therapy is always highly sought after, as the homeless population is at much higher risk for musculoskeletal issues. Learn more about our student experiences here.